Equipping Hour

Our Equipping Hour is our Sunday School for all ages. It’s when both our kids and our adults can dig a bit deeper.

Listed below are our current Equipping Hour offerings for all ages. To access past adult equipping hour sessions, see our Equipping Hour archive.

Our Pre-K thru 2nd Grade kids will be taught using the Answer Bible Curriculum.  It’s a chronological curriculum that covers the entire Bible.  A strong foundation will be laid for our kids as they learn the Bible is trustworthy for knowing who God is and what His redemptive plan is.

The 3rd-5th grade class will be doing a survey through the New Testament using various materials including  “What’s in the Bible” and Group Publishing’s “Hand’s On” Bible curriculum.  By the end of the school year your child will have had lessons from each NT book including an intensive look at the four Gospels and an adventure through the book of Acts.


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Our Middle School students will be using lessons from Children Desiring God.  It will biblically ground our students as they explore the greatness of God.  And it will propose that, rather than listening to our culture which says we are at the center of our world, that God needs to be the center of the lives of young people who follow Christ.

Our High School students will be talking about worldview, what a Christian worldview is, and how it impacts their witness in the world.

Asking such questions as, “Is truth absolute or relative?” and “Are Christians intolerant?”, our students are going to learn how to critically think, evaluate, and navigate today’s culture through a biblical worldview.


“I’m an unbeliever. So are you,” Jeff Vanderstelt tells us in his book, Gospel Fluency.  We slip in and out of believing God’s word about us and trusting in His work on our behalf.  We forget who He is, what’s He’s done and in light of that who we are.

Join us at 10:00 a.m. as Zach & Gabby Goodsell introduce us to the concepts and principles in Vanderstelt’s book helping us to become more fluent in the gospel and more likely to “preach it to ourselves.”

You can listen to Zach & Gabby’s session and see the slides they’ve pull together from Vanderstelt’s book by clicking here.


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