Students Vision and Mission

TFS Students is the student ministry of Lake Tapps Community Church.  We gather together to build community, as we follow Jesus, desiring to grow in our understanding of Him and His mission, and encourage one another to go and make disciples in the context that God has called us to.


To turn the world upside down by equipping the next generation to know Jesus Christ and live to glorify him in everything they do.


To be an extension of Lake Tapps Community Church in preparing the younger generations of our church family to know what they believe and why, through training in the Holy Scriptures; and to partner with families in making young disciples who will have full assurance of their faith and, in turn, begin making disciples themselves.

Biblical Values

The day to day strategy of how we accomplish the mission and vision is based on 4 foundations or pillars, those are:

1. The Authority of Scripture

God’s Word has been given to us as a gift, and it is our highest authority on the matters of faith. Therefore, because we believe that statement, the Holy Scriptures will formulate all we do. We will teach from it, we will sing from it and about it, we will study it and we will memorize it!

2. Christ-Centeredness

The Word of God reveals Jesus Christ as the perfect, sacrificial Son of God. As we teach, learn, preach and submit to Scripture, we see Jesus Christ as the most perfect, holy substitute that was offered to redeem his people and bring them into relationship with himself. Through the working of the Holy Spirit, it is our desire to equip students to see the beauty and magnificence of a relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe that because we have been created by God for God, our greatest purpose and joy in life will come from relationship with himself. I believe that it is only through Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection, that eternal life is provided for God’s people, and it should be our desire to share that great news with the youth of Lake Tapps.

3. Sound doctrine

The youth in our midst are being bombarded with lies and persuasions from the world and they need to have a firm foundation for what they believe and why. We will always teach, discuss and defend the doctrines that the Bible teaches. We will create an environment for our youth to ask why they believe certain things and offer them the Scriptural knowledge to back it up.

4. Disciplership

I believe that the way that Jesus Christ poured into, taught, lived with, prayed with, and led was a very purposeful demonstration of how discipleship should work. Jesus was very intentional in how he demonstrated the way disciples are made. Time spent together, studying scriptures, serving, praying, and loving the Church. I believe an impactful student ministry will concentrate on a discipleship model that focuses on equipping disciples who will make disciples. That is why we call it disciplership. We are not only making followers of Jesus, we are making followers of Jesus who make followers of Jesus.