Supper For Six

for September/October

Let's practice hospitality, get to know each other better, and build Christian community!

Supper for Six is an informal, fun, relaxing way to get to know others at LTCC and to enjoy fellowship with one another.

How it Works

  • Groups of six people each, meet for a meal sometime during a 2-month period on a day and time that is agreed on by the members of each group.

  • Typically, the meal is a potluck and each person is assigned a certain item to bring. The host/hostess makes the main dish and others are asked to bring a dessert or a side dish. The host makes arrangements with the others in the group regarding the meal planning and scheduling.

  • Whether you are married or single, we encourage you to sign up! It’s a great way to meet others and get involved in life at LTCC.

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