Small Groups

Small gatherings of followers of Christ meeting on their own, facilitated by a leader, are not a new phenomenon. In fact, in the first few hundred years of the church these kinds of groups were all that existed…they were pretty much the only way to experience church. Luke describes this kind of group in Act 2:42-47 and throughout the years of church history the value of these types of groups hasn’t changed. At church you’ll find the same healthy, independently functioning, leader-facilitated, small groups of people that Luke wrote about 2,000+ years ago.


Meaningful relationships develop as the group figures out how to support and take care of each other


Each person grows (usually in many areas of life) to be more of who God made them to be as a result of being around the others in the group.


Groups influence their community by taking it upon themselves to solve problems and nurture long-term relationships that develop others.

Small Group

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